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8 The Cause of Sagging Breasts

8 The Cause of Sagging Breasts. What causes sagging breasts? As we know at a certain age, women's breasts will slacken. Breast sagging occurs because the milk glands shrink, so there is an empty space in the breast skin wrapping. Weakness that could result from a drastic change in the body, so that the fat in the breast is reduced. While conditions were not accompanied by smaller breast skin wrapping.

An aircraft engineer born in Newport, Texas, United States, Ir. N.O. Brantly states, such as aircraft, the human body are also affected by the laws of gravity. Parts of the body was particularly prominent and is not supported, for example by muscle or bone. Bulge which is referred to the breast.

Their opinions are justified Dr. Melissa S. Luwia, MHA, from the Indonesian Cancer Foundation. Because of prominent and not have the muscles, the gravitational force is badly affected breast. That is why, hang it (suspension) of this organ must be supported by a particular device. Tools that we would call a bra, brassiere, breast support, or BH (breast holder).

According Brantly, BH is precisely the reason that makes the most beautiful breast. Unfortunately, not many women are aware of it. They do not know what kind of bra is best to support breast beauty.

Here are some of the factors causing falls and sagging breasts in addition to the things that have already been mentioned.

1. Childbirth and breastfeeding. Breast size growing in line with gestational age. Breast enlargement makes its mass increases. Consequently, the downward pull of the stronger.

2. Too big and shaken. Similar to the case of nursing mothers. Breast mass affects the gravitational pull. The greater the mass, the greater the gravitational force as well, especially if the breast is always shaken, especially in athletes.

3. There is no buffer. Familiarize yourself with no bra will cause the slack, especially when relatively large breast size.

4. Bad habits. Sleep on their side can make the breast sagging. This can be explained by the theory of gravity. In the bed side, there is no supporting breast at all, except by the BH. In contrast to sleep on their backs, because the breasts are supported by the body.

5. Disease. Diseases such as TB (tuberculosis) or breast cancer can result in a small, loose, or fall. This is because the viruses that destroy malignant cells and organs.

6. Poor nutrition. Although the consumption of nutritious food is more useful to tighten the skin, this factor is very important. Diseases such as tuberculosis or cancer may arise from lack of nutrition. Foods such as cabbage, soybeans, tempeh, soy milk, and garlic is very good for preventing breast cancer.

7. Harsh treatment. Every inch of our body must be treated gently, especially breast. Harsh treatment such as wringing too strong, so define the beauty of the breast. Also when we use the BH that make breasts pressed, squeezed, and others.

8. Error wearing a bra. BH is too small, too tight, or not made with good materials, can cause unhealthy breast. As a result, the breasts become loose and fall.

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Breast Massage Technique

Breast Massage Technique. We should realize that the woman's breast or breasts is one part that is sensitive and can provide the stimulus to every woman, if we know how.

Besides stimulation, massage the breast or breasts can provide various benefits to the woman.
Breast massage techniques or right breasts will form a woman's breasts and thrilling.

Before you begin to massage the breast or your partner's breasts, make sure your hands are washed and clean. You can use oil or cream, oils such as olive oil or baby oil (baby oil). A scented oil or scented creams could also add sexual stimulation when you do the breast massage.

Here is a technique of massaging the breast or breasts is recommended:

1.Polish thick oil or cream on your hands first, followed by a smear on the breast and your spouse. Dab a little on your second pair of her breast.

2.Ensure that smear done at the bottom first and gradually go up toward your spouse nipple.

3.Oil or cream that you apply do on the nipple.

4.After breast smeared with oil or cream your spouse, start right breast massage first.

5.Push your fingers gently on the breast with a movement upward, so approaching the breast nipple.

6.Don't be passion.

7.Try again three to five times and then shift to the left breast.

8.Do alternating between right and left breasts repeatedly.

9.Do sequences simultaneously in both breasts using these techniques.

10.After ensure your spouse teransang (already hard nipples of her breasts or has already picked up), touch with both hands and press your breasts bottom pair.

11.Massage with follow-clockwise rotation with the movement upward to the nipple.

12.Ensure that your nipples do not touch your partner.

13.Don't be passion.

14.Try again the steps above so that your partner really aroused.

That was the breast massage technique for naturally tightening your breast.

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Breast Cancer Symptoms and Signs

Breast Cancer Symptoms and Signs. Breast cancer is a malignant tumor that grows in the breast tissue. Cancer can begin growing in the mammary glands, milk ducts, fatty tissue and connective tissue in the breast.

Breast Cancer Cause

The cause is unknown, but there are some risk factors that cause a woman to be more likely to suffer from breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Risk Factors

Several factors influence the risk are:
1. Age.
Approximately 60% of breast cancers occur in over 60 years of age. The greatest risk found in women aged over 75 years.
2. Ever had breast cancer.
After the affected breast removed, then the risk of breast cancer in a healthy increase of 0.5 to 1% / year.
3. Family history of breast cancer.
Women who are mothers, sisters or children suffering from cancer, had a three times greater risk for breast cancer.
4. Genetic and hormonal factors.
5. Ever suffered from non-cancerous breast disease.
6. Menarche (first menstruation) before age 12 years, menopause after age 55 years, first pregnancy after age 30 years or had never been pregnant.
7. Kb pills or estrogen replacement therapy.
8. Obesity after menopause.
9. The use of alcohol.
10 The use of alcohol more than 1-2 cups / day can increase your risk for breast cancer.
11. Chemicals.
Some studies have cited the exposure of chemicals that resemble estrogen (contained in pesticides and other industrial products) may increase your risk for breast cancer.
12. DES (diethylstilbestrol).
Women who take DES to prevent miscarriage have a higher risk of breast cancer.
13 irradiation.

Breast Cancer Symptoms and Signs

Initial symptoms usually in the form of a lump that feels different from surrounding breast tissue, painless and usually has an irregular periphery. If you usually do some breast gymnastic regularly, you will easly find this problem.

In the early stages, if pushed by a finger, a lump can be moved easily under the skin. At an advanced stage, the lump usually adheres to the chest wall or the surrounding skin. In advanced cancer, may form lumps or ulcers on the skin swollen breasts. Sometimes the skin over the lump shrank and looked like an orange peel.

Other symptoms that may be found is a lump or mass in the armpit, change size or shape of the breast, an abnormal exit of fluid from the nipple (usually bloody or yellow to green, may also be pus), a change in color or texture of the skin on the breasts, nipples and areola (dark brown colored area around the nipple), breast, reddish, the skin around the nipples scaly nipples are interested in or feel itchy, painful swelling of one breast or breasts. At an advanced stage may develop bone pain, weight loss, swelling of arms or ulcerated skin.

Breast Cancer Prevention

Many risk factors can not be controlled. Some diet experts and oncologists believe that changes in diet and lifestyle in general can reduce the incidence of cancer.

Endeavored to make early diagnosis of breast cancer easier to treat and can disembuhan if still at an early stage.

Realize, clinical breast examination and mammography as a screening procedure is a third tool to detect cancer early.

Breast Cancer Treatment

Treatment usually begins after a thorough assessment of the condition of the patient, which is about a week or more after the biopsy. Treatment consists of surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and hormone inhibitors.

Radiation therapy is used to kill cancer cells in the tumor and the surrounding area, including the lymph nodes.

Chemotherapy (a combination of drugs to kill the cells that reproduce quickly or pressing reproductively) and hormone inhibitor drugs (drugs that affect hormone work which underpins growth of cancer cells) are used to suppress the growth of cancer cells throughout the body.

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Scarlett Johansson Beautiful Breast Secreat

Did you know the secreat of Scarlett Johansson's beautiful breast. Anyone who saw the breast star of 'Lost in Translation' is, certainly in awe. Not surprisingly, Scarlett Johansson predicate holds most beautiful breasts in Hollywood.

Want to have breast forms sexy and tight a la Scarlett Johansson? Follow the exercises below. These movements are useful to tighten the chest muscles (pectoral) and tighten the breast.

Types of Scarlett Johansson secreat exercise:

1. Push ups
To tighten the pectoral, triceps, front deltoid, and biceps. Initial position: the back parallel to the mat, the hands are not wide but just below the shoulder, the view to the mat, and exhale from the mouth. Second place: reduced body until your nose almost on the mat. Inhale through your nose.
2. Bench press

Position can be done in two ways, sitting (in the chair, mattress, or bed) and lay down. Initial position: stretch out your arms sideways, parallel to the mat, bend your forearm forward until an angle of 90? and exhale through the mouth. Second position: straighten your arms forward and inhale through the nose.

3. Butterfly

This can be done sitting or lying position. Starting position: arms stretched sideways, parallel to the mat, bend your forearm up until it makes an angle of 90? and inhale through the nose. Position two: pull the arm to the front face, with hands still forming an angle of 90?, And exhale through the mouth.

4. Pull over

Do it by sitting or lying position. Starting position: arms tightly with the body, the forearm is bent in front of the abdomen and inhale through the nose. Second position: pull your hands above your head and exhale through the mouth.

-Warm up first - before the start of training - with a muscular upper body stretches for approximately 15 minutes.

- For beginners, exercise does not need to use weight or dumbbells. However, for those already proficient, could add as much as half kg of load for one hand. If it does not feel heavy anymore, accretion expense is conducted every ½ kg.

- Exercises done as much as a set or 10 times for a single movement for beginners. If already proficient, the number of sets or the amount of the added expense.

- Exercises with weights done 3-4 times a week, while the exercise without burden as much as 5-6 times a week.

- Each end of the first set of motion, stretch the muscles to the chest during the first 10-20 seconds, repeat or replace the new movement.

- Refrigeration performed as warming up for 10-15 minutes.

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Breast Enlargement Program

Nurturing Program is a Breast Enlargement Methods and Breast Health Care Highly Valuable for women.

"... Breast women, admired throughout history by poets, painters, and sculptors as a symbol of femininity, it's all become a source of lasting admiration! More than that, all mammalian creatures (creatures feeding) depends on the breast ... "

Each breast consists of 15 to 20 systems that produce milk. Until puberty there is little difference between little girl’s breast and woman. At the age of puberty, her breasts will grow gradually, but not so with men. Then, as started functioning ovaries (ovarian), girl, produced two kinds of hormones, estrogen and progesterone. Progesterone stimulates the growth and development of the dairy producer cells, whereas estrogen stimulated the growth of the egg canal system.

When the body has reached the limits of growth, breast size is relatively unchanged, until the pregnancy comes. At the moment these rapidly growing breast. During lactation, the breast will reach maximum size. When not nursing, your breasts will shrink back, but usually larger than before the first pregnancy. Breasts will shrink after menopause, or because of changes in life and as old age, the breasts can deflate totally.

How to Enlarge Breasts

Breast composed of glands and blood vessels surrounded by fatty tissue. Center of each breast called nipple. Putting 15 to 20 holes that are connected with channels milk production. Nipple surrounded by the areola, which has a small buds, which are sensitive gland and containing fats, keep the skin functioning nipples while nursing.

Physical construction of the mammary gland is very complicated. Deep in the breast milk collected in small bags. Some of the bags into one and form small bundles, no larger than a small pin head. These bundles unite and form larger vessels called lobules. Lobules joined in groups to form the ampullaceal or the source of milk. Milk source is located below the areola and nipple has a direct relationship with the channel.

As where the complexity of the production of milk, the breast is also supported by the nerves, arteries and veins, and lymph glands are connected with the lymph nodes in the armpit.

In the method of how to enlarge breast exercises have 13 core exercises that is very easy for you to do is accompanied with PHOTOS & VIDEO TRAINING (only one in Indonesia) plus information on step by step how to do it.

This particular technique will reactivate breast cells, eliminating the toxin / toxins in the breast or chest muscle strengthening & sustaining breast tissue, so that the breast will produce a more beautiful, more tight, more plump and certainly much healthier!

At this moment, are not excessive and follow the utterance of any user of this program, I can say that the program do I enlarge the breasts is a very valuable product let alone till now there is no better program, natural, painless and safe.

Exercises in this program is aimed at achieving improvements in the breast that decreases the quality of his performance with age, after childbirth, or a change in hormone content. Physical therapy is carried out regularly provide opportunities for every woman to retain the shape, appearance and increase breast size naturally. Exercises in this program is well designed so that a single street of the most safe and natural course compared with injections or surgery.

If you want a fuller chest circumference, tighter and more beautiful, then the alignment of the hormone is the first step that must be done by every woman. Many women do not know the fact that hormone imbalances can cause breast growth inhibition such as the example of breast problems during old age or during pregnancy.

Fluctuations in hormone production occur throughout life, during puberty, during the years of child care during menstruation, and during menopause. Hormones are directly responsible for breast development and the effect on mood and physical feelings. Appropriate hormone levels will provide a balance in our lives. Regular exercise therapy can stimulate hormone balance and harmony and improve the health and breast development.

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Breast Tighten Gymnastics

Breast Tighten Gymnastics. Like Tip tighten Breasts with Breast Gymnastics has been created for the reader, now turn to stage breast how to do gymnastics. Ranging from warming to cooling breast gymnastics. Simply point the way towards doing gymnastics breasts below.

Gymnastics Warm Breasts

Position: standing up on your knees

1. One hand holds the wrist. Raise your hands up, and then swing straight back. When the hand swings, feel the pelvic floor we would be interested. Keep your bones do not come to move, to avoid injury.
2. Stretch both hands then swing your arms back and to the starting position when the hand is stretched.
3. Straight right hand a little bit discern to top, left hand straight down the insincere. Then swing. On the count of two instead of hand position (left hand straight up and straight right hands down).

Breast core Gymnastics

Position: sitting with legs crossed

1. Palm of his right hand clutching (clutched) left wrist. While the left hand clutching the right wrist. Palm of the hand grip try really tight, so when the movement started this position has not changed.
2. When the grip has been tight, push and pulls the wrist. After that play this hand grip position. That is the position of the grip that had been moved outside to the inside.
3. Right and left palms meet in front of the chest. Then do the push your palms. Fingers and pull it clung to the top.
4. Hold your shoulders; keep the hands parallel to the shoulder. Then do pull a hand to his chest and then pull back until arms are parallel to the shoulder again.
5. Clench your hands, then lift and store in front of the chest. Then pull back until the elbows behind his back. After that do the number 4 and continue to raise their hands up. Try to position the hands are beside your ear.

Refrigeration Breast Gymnastics

Position: sitting with legs crossed

1. Relax your shoulders and lift up and down. Then the applause
2. Push back to front like he was prostrate. Try the forehead touching the mat or floor. Hand straight forward. This movement serves to circulatory flow to the head and we feel relaxed.

Gymnastics breast is very easy to do. You can do for each stage were two sets, for each set of eight counts. If by regular exercise and maintain your food intake, breast contains beautiful healthy fast can you have.