Minggu, 18 Juli 2010

Natural Breast Enlargement Without Breast Surgery

Natural Breast Enlargement Without Breast Surgery. For women who want to enlarge the breasts, but was afraid to face the scalpel. Scared with breast surgery. This is the choice of breast enlarge natural path that can be tried:

1. Sport

Breasts have no muscles, only consisting of fat cells, milk ducts, and glands. Sport can not enlarge the breast size, but can make the body faster and straighter. Automatic breasts look bigger.

Swim to make breasts look bigger because the chest muscles that move against the water. Do exercises to tighten the pectoral muscles under the breast. After a tight muscle, breast tissue becomes more taut and springy. Basically, this exercise is to raise breast chest expansion exercises.

2. Wear Special Bra

Wear a bra professionally designed so that it can improve the appearance without surgery breast implants. If this kind of hard to get a bra, you can buy a bra with foam so that the breast lump look bigger.

3. Visualization Bigger Breasts

You've heard about The Secret? Rhonda Byrne, author of the book's phenomenal, defining the law of attraction, that is a principle of attraction. The principle that explains what we create is the choices we make and our own thinking.

Why not practice these principles to make breasts look beautiful? Relax yourself first. Massage the breast gently and make sure myself believe that the breast be bigger. Do this as often as possible when we feel comfortable with yourself.

4. Beware of False Promises

In addition to syringes and vacuum, there is another supplement that promises to enlarge the breast. However, according to Sandhya Pruthi, MD, breast health specialist at Mayo Clinic, USA, there is no evidence that these supplements actually nutritious enlarge breasts.

The ingredients in the herbal supplement is historically improve milk production so it will not enlarge the breasts. Lately there is another supplement that claims can dramatically enlarge the breasts. It turns out that supplements containing phytoestrogen content that works like estrogen in our bodies that make breasts grow.

How To Enlarge Breasts Naturally

Many women want to beautify the body by tightening breasts or enlarge breasts. But most women the wrong way so as not to get the most or more of the bad experience side effects such as excessive use of drugs that interfere with cardiac or renal function.

But do not be afraid because Natural Breast Enlargement will share how to enlarge breasts naturally. I'm sure this does not cause any side effects. But this way of course not as fast as when you use the way instantly.

How to Enlarge Breasts Naturally.

1. Compress your breasts with warm water, rub gently with a washcloth.
2. Take some long beans, wash, then mashed until smooth.
3. Collisions and apply to the entire breast beans and let stand for 2-3 hours.
4. Clean the back breast with plain water.

Hopefully, when you run the above tips on how to enlarge breasts, you feel the changes in your breasts. So the hope of getting breast beautiful, tight and healthy can be realized.

Sabtu, 17 Juli 2010

Tips How To Maintaince Breast Beauty

Tips How To Maintaince Breast Beauty. Similar to other body parts, breasts can also loosen thus affecting its beauty. Especially for pregnant mothers and lactating women, in which the breasts are no longer tight due to the shrinking of the mammary gland.

Other causes, can also be due to the weakening of connective tissue and skin elasticity buffer breast breasts reduced. Therefore, it is very important to treat the breast to keep it beautiful, both from within and outside the body.

There are five easy steps that can take care of the breast to remain strong and beautiful:

1. Consider the consumption of food.

Breasts also requires nutrients, as well as the body. Therefore consume a balanced diet with enough calories, so your ideal weight according to expectations. Ideal body weight, will automatically improve the body naturally forms, including the breast.

2. Avoid rubbing too hard.

Breast skin contains very little collagen, especially in the areola (the skin around the nipple) and nipple. So do not rub the breast with rough objects such as towels and scrubs.

3. Give a moisturizer.

To cope with dry skin, use a moisturizer without perfume, can also use olive oil. In order for maximum results, do a light massage with gentle movements. Clean the area around the nipple on a regular basis with a wet cotton in warm water.

4. Exercise regularly.

Do light exercise with a focus to strengthen the chest muscles. Movement is done routinely exercise will train the chest muscles. Do it regularly to get maximum results.

5. Use an appropriate bra.

Bras that fit the size and shape of the breast is very important, make sure the bra is also comfortable when in use. When working out using a special bra, so that sweat easily absorbed and propped up with a good breast. Select the appropriate size of bra that can sustain a good breast.

Kamis, 15 Juli 2010

Tips How To Tighten Breast With Breast Gymnastics

Tips How To Tighten Breast With Breast Gymnastics. No denying that exercise brings health benefits. Even specific exercises do an important role in the special section were trained. Breast Gymnastics is one of the special gymnastics to tighten the breast. Benefits of breast exercise are to keep the chest muscles (pectoral) as a buffer, to remain tight, also to prevent breast sagging down or prematurely.

Benefits of aerobic exercise, like walking, jogging or riding a bike can also help us in getting a good posture, while improving the appearance of a solid breast containing the form is beautiful. Other gymnastics which can help tighten the breast is rowing, swimming, light weight training using hand weights, equipment, and also some yoga poses.

By doing gymnastics breasts, we can get breast fast but this does not guarantee it will change shape and size of your breasts. But by doing gymnastics breast muscle chest muscles will strengthen and appearance of the breast is more solid and beautiful and challenging.

Gymnastics Movement for Tightening Breasts

The first step, unite parts of your palms in front of your breasts. Stand up straight and do the movement pressing each other. Hold for five seconds. Just relax, and repeat this movement 10 times.

Second, holding each other forearm (elbow). Grip-right forearm with the palm of your left hand and left forearm with the palm of his right hand, with limited shoulder elbow position. Pull the pull in both directions (inward and outward), do not let loose. Repeat this movement 10 times.

Third, the second radius and unite your hands under the chin, and bend both with the interlocking position, then pull. Hold for five seconds. Repeat this movement 10 times.

If you've completed the exercise of breast, you need to know the correct way to massage the breast. That is by rubbing the breast, starting with the right breast, with the upward movement, using both hands. With a sweep of the hand, breast forms that loomed by rubbing the swabs from all directions toward the center of the nipple, breast meat collected toward the middle, with pinching.

If the above tips to tighten your breasts do a minimum of six weeks, you will see changes in your breasts. Your breasts will look tighter. In addition, you also get a healthy breast and fragrant. So you would be proud to have firm breasts, plump and healthy.