Rabu, 15 Juli 2009

Breast Tighten Gymnastics

Breast Tighten Gymnastics. Like Tip tighten Breasts with Breast Gymnastics has been created for the reader, now turn to stage breast how to do gymnastics. Ranging from warming to cooling breast gymnastics. Simply point the way towards doing gymnastics breasts below.

Gymnastics Warm Breasts

Position: standing up on your knees

1. One hand holds the wrist. Raise your hands up, and then swing straight back. When the hand swings, feel the pelvic floor we would be interested. Keep your bones do not come to move, to avoid injury.
2. Stretch both hands then swing your arms back and to the starting position when the hand is stretched.
3. Straight right hand a little bit discern to top, left hand straight down the insincere. Then swing. On the count of two instead of hand position (left hand straight up and straight right hands down).

Breast core Gymnastics

Position: sitting with legs crossed

1. Palm of his right hand clutching (clutched) left wrist. While the left hand clutching the right wrist. Palm of the hand grip try really tight, so when the movement started this position has not changed.
2. When the grip has been tight, push and pulls the wrist. After that play this hand grip position. That is the position of the grip that had been moved outside to the inside.
3. Right and left palms meet in front of the chest. Then do the push your palms. Fingers and pull it clung to the top.
4. Hold your shoulders; keep the hands parallel to the shoulder. Then do pull a hand to his chest and then pull back until arms are parallel to the shoulder again.
5. Clench your hands, then lift and store in front of the chest. Then pull back until the elbows behind his back. After that do the number 4 and continue to raise their hands up. Try to position the hands are beside your ear.

Refrigeration Breast Gymnastics

Position: sitting with legs crossed

1. Relax your shoulders and lift up and down. Then the applause
2. Push back to front like he was prostrate. Try the forehead touching the mat or floor. Hand straight forward. This movement serves to circulatory flow to the head and we feel relaxed.

Gymnastics breast is very easy to do. You can do for each stage were two sets, for each set of eight counts. If by regular exercise and maintain your food intake, breast contains beautiful healthy fast can you have.