Selasa, 17 November 2009

Breast Massage Technique

Breast Massage Technique. We should realize that the woman's breast or breasts is one part that is sensitive and can provide the stimulus to every woman, if we know how.

Besides stimulation, massage the breast or breasts can provide various benefits to the woman.
Breast massage techniques or right breasts will form a woman's breasts and thrilling.

Before you begin to massage the breast or your partner's breasts, make sure your hands are washed and clean. You can use oil or cream, oils such as olive oil or baby oil (baby oil). A scented oil or scented creams could also add sexual stimulation when you do the breast massage.

Here is a technique of massaging the breast or breasts is recommended:

1.Polish thick oil or cream on your hands first, followed by a smear on the breast and your spouse. Dab a little on your second pair of her breast.

2.Ensure that smear done at the bottom first and gradually go up toward your spouse nipple.

3.Oil or cream that you apply do on the nipple.

4.After breast smeared with oil or cream your spouse, start right breast massage first.

5.Push your fingers gently on the breast with a movement upward, so approaching the breast nipple.

6.Don't be passion.

7.Try again three to five times and then shift to the left breast.

8.Do alternating between right and left breasts repeatedly.

9.Do sequences simultaneously in both breasts using these techniques.

10.After ensure your spouse teransang (already hard nipples of her breasts or has already picked up), touch with both hands and press your breasts bottom pair.

11.Massage with follow-clockwise rotation with the movement upward to the nipple.

12.Ensure that your nipples do not touch your partner.

13.Don't be passion.

14.Try again the steps above so that your partner really aroused.

That was the breast massage technique for naturally tightening your breast.