Minggu, 18 April 2010

Breast Asymmetry

Breast asymmetry for most women is common. Very few women have perfect breasts, or the same (symmetric). In general, aka their breasts are different, which one is bigger than the others, or even a different shape. This can normally be said during a casual observation does not look different or the difference is not noticeable. If this striking difference could be a big issue with women both physically and emotionally.

The cause of the Breast asymmetry

Most cases of breast asymmetry is a natural growth process. Breasts grow alone - alone with their respective growth rate (which is right - and the left) which in turn will have a unique shape. Normal growth process will make the breasts similar to each other either in shape, size and structure. But there are many variations and this is something that might happen. Breast apparently can vary in terms of size, shape, projection or placement. As can be seen in the picture below.

Other causes of breast asymmetry is caused by the surgical procedure. Breast enlargement surgery is a common cause. This happens because of lack of plastic surgery techniques, post operative complications, maintenance operations force is inadequate. Sometimes - sometimes breast implants are not placed symmetrically, or may even decrease.

Treatments for Breast asymmetry

Treatment for breast asymmetry depends on the size, breast shape, and specification of asymmetric shape. Correct operating procedures can be used to improve breast asymmetry. Consult with your doctor about plastic surgery procedures is the best thing to do to get a complete explanation.

Recommendation on Breast asymmetry

Many women have asymmetrical breasts but they accept gracefully and pleased with themselves what it is. For those of you women who fall into this category because it is a blessed gift given by God to us. But for those of you who have emotional problems or feelings can not accept the state of breast asymmetry is a natural thing if you take steps to improve the appearance of your breasts with Plastic Surgery. Anyway love your self as it is, is the most precious thing that must be learned.

"You are Beautiful, just the way you are"

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  1. Most patients have some degree of breast asymmetry, although asymmetry of one or more cup sizes is less common. There are many options to correct the asymmetry you have described including enlarging the smaller breast only with an implant, enlarging both breasts with different size implants, and reducing the larger breast. Your board-certified plastic surgeon will explain your options, and help you decide on the procedure of choice for you.