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Natural Breast Enlargement Without Breast Surgery

Natural Breast Enlargement Without Breast Surgery. For women who want to enlarge the breasts, but was afraid to face the scalpel. Scared with breast surgery. This is the choice of breast enlarge natural path that can be tried:

1. Sport

Breasts have no muscles, only consisting of fat cells, milk ducts, and glands. Sport can not enlarge the breast size, but can make the body faster and straighter. Automatic breasts look bigger.

Swim to make breasts look bigger because the chest muscles that move against the water. Do exercises to tighten the pectoral muscles under the breast. After a tight muscle, breast tissue becomes more taut and springy. Basically, this exercise is to raise breast chest expansion exercises.

2. Wear Special Bra

Wear a bra professionally designed so that it can improve the appearance without surgery breast implants. If this kind of hard to get a bra, you can buy a bra with foam so that the breast lump look bigger.

3. Visualization Bigger Breasts

You've heard about The Secret? Rhonda Byrne, author of the book's phenomenal, defining the law of attraction, that is a principle of attraction. The principle that explains what we create is the choices we make and our own thinking.

Why not practice these principles to make breasts look beautiful? Relax yourself first. Massage the breast gently and make sure myself believe that the breast be bigger. Do this as often as possible when we feel comfortable with yourself.

4. Beware of False Promises

In addition to syringes and vacuum, there is another supplement that promises to enlarge the breast. However, according to Sandhya Pruthi, MD, breast health specialist at Mayo Clinic, USA, there is no evidence that these supplements actually nutritious enlarge breasts.

The ingredients in the herbal supplement is historically improve milk production so it will not enlarge the breasts. Lately there is another supplement that claims can dramatically enlarge the breasts. It turns out that supplements containing phytoestrogen content that works like estrogen in our bodies that make breasts grow.

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